Expertus is a Swedish family owned company with excellence within chloride analysis and corrosion control. Åke Bresle, the founder of Expertus Kemiteknik AB, in 1987 invented the first BresleSampler and the Bresle Method ISO-8502-6 - an accurate, fast and simple method when analysing surface cleanliness.


Expertus home town Sundsvall: one of Swedens most prominent industrial cities, beautifully located by the Baltic Sea.

Expertus has a strong reputation within the chemical research community and have over the years introduced leading techniques and methods to the market. With multiple patents and numerous original innovations in development, we strive to remain a leader in the field.

Our mission is to be your expert partner on corrosion control and offer efficient and high quality user friendly products for chloride and salt analysis. We are inventors, and constantly seek solutions to our customers’ problems. We aim to ensure our products are always the best on the market.

Expertus is also determined to be a leader in sustainability, and our products actively contribute to the elimination of waste. Worldwide, yearly corrosion of steel and iron amounts to 3,4 % of global GDP (NACE International). Protecting the surfaces of steel structures against corrosion greatly increases their useful life and is of considerable economical and environmental significance.

Our customers are important to us and we take immense pride in always striving to maintain impeccable levels of service and doing everything we can to ensure each of our clients is satisfied.

Our network of suppliers and retailers are worldwide.

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