BresleSampler® TWINTAB™ (Pat) - Outstanding usability that leaves test surface without any glue rests

New TwinTab™ BresleSampler® patch for sampling according to ISO 8502-6

TwinTab™ is a new patent pending adhesive BresleSampler® Patch designed with two tabs that provide excellent usability - Tab 1 is an “easy-open” tab and Tab 2 is an “easy-remove” tab. Expertus BresleSampler® TwinTab™ patch is used to determine the concentration of soluble salts on surfaces in accordance with the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 test methods, mainly for cleanliness control before industrial painting and for risk diagnosis after PVC fires. TwinTab™ has strong adhesive glue that increases the tightness and secures an exact sampling area which improves the accuracy of the analysis.

  • Extra strong adhesion -exact sampling area and maximised precision without leaving glue residue on test surface
  • Does not break upon removal - a clean removal of patch after use
  • Easy-open tab -quick removal of protective paper and centre filler
  • Easy-remove tab -a non-stick tab that gives excellent grip when removing the sampler after use
  • Strong high elastic latex film (silicon free)
  • Available in three models (same functionality) square sampling area (TT-LSR2), round sampling area (TT-LRB2), and drop-shaped with round sampling area (TT-LDG2)
  • Made in Sweden to the highest quality standards
  • Sampling according to ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9.

Available in 3 models:

  • Square with square sampling area, article no (TT-LSR2)
  • Square with round sampling area, article no (TT-LRB2)
  • Drop shaped with round sampling area, article no (TT-LDG2)

All models have the same functionality. The new drop shaped BresleSampler is mariginally easier to remove after sampling, due to slightly improved distribution of forces compared to the traditional square outer shapes.


Pack of either 25, or 50 pcs. 

Technical Data:

  • Sampling volume: 1 - 15 ml
  • Sampling area: 12,50 cm2
  • Pack size (25 pcs) X x X x X mm
  • Pack size (50 pcs) X x X x X mm
  • Background contamination: < 5 mg / m2 (< 0,5 µg / cm2)

ISO Standards:

For use with the ISO Standards ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9

All Expertus BresleSamplers® are made in Sweden to the highest quality standards.

Certificate of Cleanliness is available at purchase, traceable batch no.